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Aime Nsuyabi founded Families Built on the Roc in February 2018, following a series of meetings directed by Congolese families in the Ottawa region. These meetings were predicated on the financial issues plaguing their respective communities.

As a result, these families agreed to work together to develop solutions to help Congolese and African families facing financial stress, by connecting them with people who not only have the appropriate skillsets, but also have shared similar experiences as them.

  • Our Values
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration

We believe that financial freedom contributes to someone's general happiness, being able to enjoy life and live his life as one sees fit. "Money does not buy happiness of families, but it helps!" Our services aim to provide Congolese families adequate knowledge on wealth creation, entrepreneurship, personal finance management and common assets to get them out of poverty.

We are committed to excellence and continuous improvement and strive to use the best practices in our management and all the services we provide.  If we try something and it does not work, we are willing to try another way.

We value integrity and professional respect, these values are the foundation of how we treat our employees, peers and families we serve.

We believe in the importance of collaboration and shared leadership, we are developing positive relationships and partnerships with the families we serve, organizations and their staff.  Leadership is encouraged at all 
levels, particularly in families and individuals we serve.

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Family Built on the Rock is an innovative community group that desires to help take Congolese, and all African families out of poverty.


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  • 613-355-1970
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