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Family Built on the Rock is a community group that aims to help Congolese families out of poverty. Our mission is to fight against poverty and social exclusion with African Congolese and Black families.

We organize numerous events to intensify efforts that promote literacy, higher education, lower dropout rates and adequate training, seeing as improving the living conditions of our families are our priority.

The improvement of living conditions impacts a number of areas, such as access to education, access to employment, access to housing, health, social services, leisure, and citizen participation. Our two main methods to bring about change are our Informative Community Dinners, and our Innovative Workshops.

Informative Community Dinners

Our community dinners are organized in a manner that allows for greater networking opportunities between various families who share, or have shared similar experiences, such as racism, poverty, trauma, and mental health issues. 

We strongly encourage unity, and collaboration during these dinners, as we believe it imperative for different families to come together to support one another. We often hold these dinners in very central areas, such as Downtown Ottawa, as well as the St. Laurent area.

Innovative Workshops

Our workshops and programs are catered to equipping and educating families on the realities they will face in the Ottawa region. We offer high-quality programs that teach on the importance of financial literacy, the basis of wealth management, the best schools for their children, and many more. 

In addition, we offer mentorship programs for Congolese and African families for the purpose of creating well-armed confident leaders who will get involved in their community, and understand the valuable contribution they can make to society.

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Family Built on the Rock is an innovative community group that desires to help take Congolese, and all African families out of poverty.


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